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Remote TestKit
Mobile Application Testing

"Remote TestKit" is a cloud-LAB service for mobile testing, enables developers to execute applications and websites testing with actual smart devices via cloud. Designed to provide tailored testing environment for developers with maximization of device manageability, Remote TestKit aims for the top testing solution worldwide.

Major Internet Services in Japan


"goo" is one of Japan's most popular Internet search engines and content portals; based on the QA service "Oshiete!goo" and Google's provision of basic search functions including web databases, NTT Resonant provides about 60 types of goo-related services, such as a proprietary internet search business providing search findings that add services carrying goo's own functions, an internet search business featuring a search engine developed by goo that searches for mobiles, images and blogs and services offering a wide variety of information including weather, news, healthcare, finance and business.