History Since 1997

Introduce our events since 1997.

1997, goo was launched!, Entered the banner ad business. 1998, goo Dictionary service was launched. 2000, Beginning to provide keyword-targeted ads, Q&A Service “Ohiete! goo” and goo Maps were launched, NTT-X Store was launched. 2002, goo Diet service was launched. 2004, NTT Resonant begins operation, goo Blog service was launched. 2005, Area Match service was launched. 2006, NTT Resonant Begins to integrate its services with the OCN. 2007, Midori no goo (Green goo) was launched. 2009, NTT Resonant launches the Premium Advertising Network along with the i-mode search system. 2011, NTT Resonant begins providing d-menu search. 2012, goo Ima-topi (Latest Topics) service was launched, J-anpi was launched, Remote TestKit was launched. 2013, NTT Resonant Technology becomes a subsidiary of NTT Resonant. 2014, goo Disaster Prevention/Response application was launched, goo point service was launched, NTT Resonant introduces Oshiete! goo audience targeting. 2015, goo smartphone was launched, Oshiete! goo Q&A platform was launched. 2016, Love Advice service based on AI was launched, goo Search Solution was launched. 2017, AI solutions was launched, AI implementation for goo travel was launched. 2018, goo AI ×DESIGN was launched, OCN operative support was launched. 2019, goo of things was launched, QA Mixer was launched. 2020, idraft was launched, Telop was launched, Marchel was launched, goo of things Denkyu and goo of things Imakoko were launched. 2021, Daily Water was launched, goo doctor was launched, AI suite was launched. 2022, goo 25th anniversary!, Joined NTT DOCOMO Group and took over consumer business from NTT Communications.