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Corporate Overview


NTT Resonant Incorporated

President & CEO

Ken Kusunoki


Granpark tower 3-4-1, Shibaura Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan


7.18billion yen

Ownership Sturcture

NTT Communications Corporation, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.

Main business areas

B2C (Portal SIte Operation); B2B2C (Media Solutions, etc.)

Number of employees

450 (as of May, 2019)


December, 2003

Organization Chart / Services Provided

NTT Resonant’s Business Areas

B2C Services

NTT Resonant provides a wide range of B2C services, including the leading Internet portal site goo, the e-commerce site for PC and communications devices, NTT-X Store, game applications, and other mobile-oriented applications.

B2B2C Services – Expanding into Global Markets

Building on the know-how and assets we have accumulated in the B2C sector has enabled us to successfully expand into B2B2C, and into global markets. By widening the scope of the data that we handle, and by strengthening the technology and infrastructure that underpins this, we are building up our platform-type services.

Platform Businesses

Search technology
Large-scale smart ICT
Phone Cloud
Advertising technology

Solutions Businesses

Media solutions business
Disaster prevention / response solutions business
Developer support business

NTT Resonant – Part of the NTT Group

NTT Resonant, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NTT Group. It began operations in 2004 as the member of the NTT Group responsible for providing Internet services.
NTT Communications Corporation, provider of long-distance and international communications services, and NTT DOCOMO, INC., mobile communications operator, holds shares in NTT Resonant.
Building on its core business operating goo, NTT Resonant has developed an e-commerce site (both PC-based and mobile Internet e-commerce), and has leveraged the company’s know-how and new technologies, developed in collaboration with the NTT Laboratory Group, to provide solutions for corporate customers.

As of March, 2016

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