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B2B2C Services

Supporting Platform-based services by enhancing technical capabilities and platforms which enhance data regions.

About Us

NTT Resonant is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NTT Group, which is one of the world’s largest ICT (information and communications technology) companies. NTT Resonant had its genesis in the development team that pioneered Internet search in Japan. Building on its core business operating the internet portal site goo, NTT Resonant has developed various Internet services and has leveraged the company’s know-how and new technologies to provide solutions for enterprise customers.


NTT Resonant has been operating various Internet services in Japan and overseas based on the knowledge obtained through the Internet portal site goo established in 1997. In mobile game, Dragon Island Blue has placed No.1 in paid RPG category in released countries. Other flagship product, Remote TestKit offers access to real mobile devices in the cloud for enterprise customers around the world.