Mobile Application Testing

Remote TestKit

"Remote TestKit" is a cloud-LAB service for mobile testing, enables developers to execute applications and websites testing with actual smart devices via cloud. Designed to provide tailored testing environment for developers with maximization of device manageability, Remote TestKit aims for the top testing solution worldwide.

Game Applications

Neo MonstersReleased in 2015( Most recent work!)

No.1 iOS RPG App in more than 60 Countries!
Explore the world to capture and train the ultimate monster team. Then, take your powered-up beasts online to test their might in a variety of game modes, including real-time PVP battles. Claim your place as the greatest monster trainer ever!

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Dragon Island BlueReleased in 2012

Catch, evolve and combine 200+ monsters!
Your journey begins when you find a dragon egg on the hills near your village. Dragons were previously thought to be extinct. You and your dragon must discover why dragons, gone for so many years, have suddenly returned to the world!

Hunter Island: Monsters & DragonsReleased in 2013

Catch, evolve and combine 300+ monsters!
Awaiting you is a vast world to explore and an epic story. Suffering from war, drought, and other unusual disasters, the island is going through troubled times, and the people living there are in need of a hero like you!